Perhaps you have clear reasons you want yourself or your baby to be baptised. Perhaps you just have a vague sense of it being ‘the right thing to do.’ Having your baby baptised requires you to make promises on his or her behalf. It is something that requires thought and commitment.

Please give some consideration to the information below, and contact the parish clergy who will be happy to discuss any questions you have.

What is Baptism?

Baptism (or Christening) is a sign of God’s love for us. It is a ceremony where water is poured over the head of the candidate, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Baptism is the means by which God gives us many gifts:

We believe that God gives all these gifts in baptism, but for them to be fully realised the candidate will need to be taught the faith, attend Church regularly, and develop a life of prayer.

Why have your baby baptised?

All parents want to give their child the best start in life. They know they are laying foundations for the future, and naturally want what is good for them.

By having your baby baptised you are giving them the best possible gift: a beginning in the life of faith in Jesus Christ, and membership of God’s family, the Church.

For children it is the responsibility of the parents and Godparents to encourage this growth in Christian faith. The Church will also seek to support you in this journey.

In due course we hope that your child will be confirmed, when they will reaffirm the promises you have made for them at baptism, and become adult believes.

Making Promises

At baptism you and your Godparents will make promises on behalf of your baby. These include:

It is important that you and your Godparents can make these promises truthfully and with integrity before Almighty God.

Both you and the Godparents need to have been baptised and preferably confirmed as well. If you are not baptised it is possible for your to be baptised with your child. If you are not confirmed perhaps you would like to consider it as the next step in your Christian journey of faith.

Baptism is permanent and irrevocable, a once in a lifetime event. St Augustine compared it with a soldier’s tattoo showing who was his lord. Consequently baptism cannot be repeated. Baptism in the Church in Wales is recognised by all the mainstream Christian denominations.

Baptism at All Saints

Baptism may take place at the 11.00am Parish Eucharist on Sunday morning. Alternatively, for a good reason, it may be possible for the baptism to take place at a different time – usually 12.30pm on a Sunday. If the baptism takes place outside of the Parish Eucharist we hope you will come on the next Sunday so that you or your baby may be welcomed by the whole worshipping community.

To arrange a baptism or discuss any questions you may have, please contact Fr Tudor who will be happy to help you.